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Electrolux Belts Powerline Cyclone Power HiLight

Electrolux Belts Powerline Cyclone Power HiLight
Our Price: £4.40 (inc's p&p)

Product Discription

Electrolux Belts Powerline Vacuum Cleaner ZE090
Copy Part BLT6011
OPN ZE090 345433007
Packet of 2

Model Fit List

Boss models Z1080, Z1358, Z1359, Z1362, Z1368, Z1900, Z4622, Z4623 Boss Cyclone models Z1373, Z4385 Cyclone Power Plus models Z4680, Z4681, Z4682, Z4683, Z4684, Z4685, Z4645, Z4646, Z4648 Cyclone/Hepa models Z1376, Z1379, Z1488, Z1498, Z1499, Z1910, Z4480, Z4383, Z4384, Z4386 Powerline/Widetrack models Z1360, Z1361, Z1364, Z1370, Z1375, Z1440, Z1445, Z1480, Z1485, Z1486, Z1487 SmartVac Upright models Z1481, Z1482, Z1484, Z1489, Z1491, Z1492, Z4670, Z4671
Harmony Line Glider Z5740, Z5747, Z5749
HiLight models Z2901, Z2905, Z2910, Z2911, Z2915, Z2920, Z2925
Cyclone Power Max models Z5500, Z5501, Z5505, Z5506, Z5510.
Velocity models Z2956,Z2927, Z2930, Z2950A, Z2955AZ, Cyclonic Z3042AZ, Z3040AZ
Vitesse models Z4700, Z4701, Z4701BZ, Z4702A, Z4703AZ, Z4705AZ, Z4706AZ, Z4707AZ, Z4708AZ, Z4709A, Z4716AZ, Z4715AZ 
Vitesse Plus Z4714AZ (White / orange) Velocity Plus Z3040AZ (White / magenta)
Cylcloniclite Z4392, Z4393
Mega Power Z5755, Z5755AVZ
Cyclone Power Ultima Z5600, Z5605.
Powerlite, Z2250A, Z2255A, Z2256, Z2255FZ, Z2256AZ 
Loopie models Z2957AZ, Z2958AZ.
Enviro Vac Z2952A Z2252A.
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Qty Discount
2 - 5 5.00%
6 - 35 10.00%
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